Company / Supply Chain Sustainability Benefits
As an agency, we are committed to working in a sustainable manner. We have included below a copy of our environmental policy which is reviewed at regular intervals. Our managing director is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of our policy.

Actions include:
– minimising consumable waste where possible
– using recycled materials
– reducing carbon emissions through better transport planning
– work closely with our suppliers to ensure they reflect our sustainable approach
– reducing the amount of energy we consume in our office
– office materials are environmentally friendly

The event-ful consultancy recognises that we as an organisation have a responsibility to sustainable development above and beyond regulatory requirements. Action on all parts of this policy will be the responsibility of all staff. We recognise that not only do environmentally sound operations benefit the environment but also has positive cost benefits for the business by more careful and less wasteful use of resources.

The appointed member of staff for monitoring & implementation of this policy and specific initiatives therein is Corinne Weatherup, Managing Director.
After receiving information and advice from both statutory and other organisations, the event-ful consultancy undertook an environmental audit in November 2012 to understand our activities and their environmental impacts both in the services we carry out for our clients and also our internal operational processes.

As a result, we have established seven areas where we can take action to reduce the negative effect and maximise the positive effect of our day to day activities on the wider environment. These areas encompass both our internal operations and also the events that we deliver for our clients.

1. Paper
We will minimise the use of paper
We will seek to buy recycled and recyclable paper products
We will recycle everything we can in paper products including, packaging and office stationery via re-use or recycling through an appropriate local initiative
2. Water and Energy
We will seek to reduce the amount of energy we use as much as possible.
Lights, computers, copiers etc will be switched off when not in use, and heating adjusted with energy consumption in mind. The energy consumption of new products will be taken into account when making purchasing decisions by means of research into relevant new products and their energy consumption
3. Office Supplies
– We will reduce the amount of office supplies that we need via careful ‘right first time’ purchase and usage of supplies
– We will seek to buy more environmentally friendly products and will use research the products’ environmental impact to assist us our purchasing decisions
– We will recycle everything we can in terms of consumable products, electrical and electronic equipment
– Where we are required to dispose of equipment of any kind we will seek to utilise ‘second use’ initiatives available to us locally such as recycling
4. Maintenance and Cleaning
Cleaning materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
Materials used in office refurbishment will be as environmentally friendly as possible.
5. Transport & Logistics
We will promote the use of environmentally friendly forms of transport by staff, and clients via intelligent planning of operations
6. Our Suppliers
We will seek to work with suppliers who have shown clear evidence of establishing and following an environmental policy in their operations and make them aware that we have basic standards of environmental policy
7. Culture
We will educate and involve staff in the implementation of this policy, aiming for greater commitment and improved environmental performance. We will encourage staff, clients and suppliers to suggest and share ideas on improved environmental performance and seek to absorb these ideas and implement them where possible.

Event Operations
We shall operate our events using the above areas of action as our environmental guide and more specifically understand that many of our clients have environmental policies that we will seek to work within in providing event services for them.

Monitoring and Improvement
Monitoring environmental performance is to be achieved by a series of control measurements based upon the above categories the aim of which is to improve our environmental performance.
Amongst these measures will be:

      • Monitoring our energy consumption and comparing our energy billings over time
      • Monitoring our transport costs and comparing our transport bills over time
      • Monitor our use of paper and other office supplies to ensure a steady reduction in consumption and an increase in re-use and recycling
      • Monitoring of our consumption of materials on a ‘right first time’ basis in our day to operations
      • Monitoring of our office equipment usage with the aim of developing efficient use of this equipment and its components
      • Additional measures will be added as appropriate and formally stated in the updated policy document. This environmental policy and initiatives therein will be subject to assessment and review on a yearly basis.

This policy and the results of initiatives will be reviewed again in January 2024.

Project Specific Sustainability Benefits
Working specifically on a project or event, we will work to ensure our approach brings sustainability benefits as a result of our actions.
This will include:
– Using recycled products where possible
– Reducing the carbon footprint of this event
– Minimising waste
– Reducing the amount of energy used in the delivery of this event
– Briefing suppliers to ensure their actions produce sustainability benefits

We will seek to ensure our environmental impact is kept to a minimum and that we, and our appointed suppliers, bring sustainability benefits to the project.
– Ensure all printed materials are produced on recycled materials, or electronic alternatives used
– Recycle all waste materials or ensure they are disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner
– Travel together to site visits / meetings in groups to reduce our carbon footprint
– Work in an environmentally friendly way by reducing our energy consumption
– Any backdrops / staging will be produced with longevity in mind
– We will encourage a culture of sustainability within our team and those of our suppliers
– Monitor equipment usage where possible
– Schedule deliveries / transfers and group together where possible
– Devise e-invites and online registration to cut down on paper / printing usage

We will work hard to ensure the event is organised in a sustainable way.