The event-ful consultancy is about variety;
but it is not about being all things to all people.

Our aim is simple:

To concentrate on one service - event management;
and do it better than anyone else.


event-ful is a specialist agency with a big personality;
a personality apparent in everything we do.  

Our corporate mantra?

Be precise, professional and passionate

  • Launch of the Northern Ireland Year of Food and Drink 2016

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Claire Agnew

Office manager

"Precise and polished"

As office manager with event-ful, Claire provides invaluable support to the company and event directors. Her very thorough, methodical approach and an almost obsessive attention to detail are her key strengths.

She is also an expert in online registration systems and in database management. This combination of qualities makes her a very ‘safe pair of hands’ when it comes to the event administration and delegate communications.


Anne Jamison

Events Director

"Organisational genius!"

Anne was recently described by one of her clients as 'an organisatonal genius'. While she is rather too quick to remind us of the compliment, it has to be said that she more than deserves the accolade. During her 14 years' in events industry in Northern Ireland, Anne has taken the lead on the delivery of major events including two international investment conferences.

Anne specialises in project management and thrives on the logistical arrangements associated with each event.


Barry Faloona

Events / Company Director

"Calm, cool and collected"

Barry is a company director at event-ful.

He has extensive experience in organising large scale events, and is renowned for his very cool, level-headed approach and his ability to manage multiple tasks under pressure. 

His technical skills have made Barry an unrivaled stage manager for many of the country's most ambitious conferences and award ceremonies.


Corinne Weatherup

Managing Director

"Always goes the extra mile"

Corinne is widely regarded as one of the most experienced event managers in the industry, and is renowned for her strategic approach to event planning.

She specialises in large scale, multi faceted events and over the past 20 years has worked with almost every government department in Northern Ireland.

event-ful's steady growth and success to date is testimony to her enthusiasm, 'can do’ attitude and drive for excellence, which our clients have come to expect from the entire team.


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