Who We Are

Doing our thing since 2003.

We are event-ful, a single-minded, multi-faceted consultancy that concentrates on just one thing – event management.

This level of focus means we don’t get distracted by anything else. Our clients trust us to deliver their events with a higher level of precision and professionalism because they know that’s where 100% of our attention is directed. We’ve been taking this approach since 2003. Almost 20 years doing our thing. Doing it well. Doing it better.

Our People

Corinne Weatherup

Managing Director

‘Always goes the extra mile’

Barry Faloona

Company Director

‘Calm and cool under pressure’

Anne Jamison

Events Director

‘An organisational genius’

Claire Willey

Events Manager

‘Obsessive about detail. In a good way.’

Jordan Russell

Event Coordinator

‘Methodical and marvellously meticulous’